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Flakschütze Hebbet
Hey! I would like to buy your Skins via PayPal.
-I will overpay
-I will go first
If you are interested add me on steam!
cydukman <SudioSweden>
I would like to purchase your Bayonet doppler.
Add me on steam if interested.
would like to trade knifes
Would like to trade AK Redline (FT), MAC-10 Candy Apple (FN), Glock Candy Apple (FN), SG Cyrex (MW) and Dual Barettas Briar (FN) 5:1 for a M4A1-S Decimator (Factory New) or USP-S Orion (FN) or P250 Asiimov (MW) or 5:5 keys (insta-trade)

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